Nas Sells NFTs that will Give Fans Music Streaming Rights


The world of crypto and digital currencies are starting to the be the peak of our society. There has been a lot of conversation about NFTs in particular and now you see many influential people wanting to get in on the growing part of history. Hip-hop rapper and living legend, Nas is expanding his reach in the cryptocurrency world with a new NFT deal. Fans will now be able to purchase NFTs supported by the entrepreneur to add to their digital assets.

“Having Nas be the first artist to sell royalty rights through Royal is an incredible affirmation of our mission,” Royal CEO, Justin “3LAU” Blau detailed. That’s right, royalties management site Royal is teaming up with Queens icon to sell this NFT. “It’s proof that artists across genres feel strongly about democratizing ownership of their music, and that they want to be connected to their listeners on a deeper level.”

Musicians use royal to sell royalty ownership in their songs and give collectors access to special perks. Collectors then can buy royalty ownership in songs directly from their favorite artists in the form of tokens. Collectors can claim royalties for the music they own after they’ve accrued. When artists grow, everyone wins. I’m other words, as your favorite artist collect their coin, you can too. You don’t have to have an existing crypto wallet to purchase a token. But if you do, they support MetaMask.

Through this tool, fans will have the chance to obtain streaming royalty rights to Nas’s King’s Disease and King’s Disease II tracks, “Ultra Black” and “Rare.” Nas will be giving up 50-percent of his streaming rights for each of those songs. He is an innovator and is paving the way for other artists to connect with fans through financial literacy. This will revolutionize the music industry. “I am always looking for new and unique ways to connect with the people,” says the artist. “I am excited to partner with Royal on their new endeavor in order for the world to connect with my music in a new way.”

Royal is expected to drop the Nas NFT for purchase on January 11th.