Bia Joins Nicki Minaj on Instagram Live to Announce “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY” Remix


On Thursday, July 8th 2021 Nicki Minaj went live on Instagram with a lot of surprises. After being joined by Lil Wayne, the Queen of Hip Hop had a special treat for her fans, an appearance by rapper, and songwriter Bia.

The two told the story about how they initially connected. “I kept on hearing this song (Whole Lotta Money) and I was like ‘oh my God I love that song’.” Minaj explains, “so I go and look for the artist that did the song and I was just gonna DM the girl and say ‘Yo I love your song, keep doing your thing’ and I opened the DM and I see that the ‘girl’ had been dming me for 3 years”. That girl was Bia.

Nicki Minaj reached out to Bia realizing she was the same artist featured on Russ single “Best of Earth”, the same record Minaj chose not to be a feature on. “This is what I had said to Russ,” Minaj explains, “‘Russ, the song is hard, but I do not wanna get on it because whoever the girl is on it killed it”. Minaj told this story to over 320K fans watching her Instagram Live.


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After being hesitate, Minaj later agreed to jump on the remix. “She (Bia) was like ‘a few people have reached out to me about the remix,” Minaj says reenacting her conversation with Bia “you know Nicki, a lot of people have reached out to the label, Im getting alot of pressure with putting certain people on the remix, but I really only want you on the remix'”. Bia then added in she only wanted either Nicki Mianj or Rihanna to be on the remix.

The two recorded the remix at Nicki Mianj studio in her home.

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