Queen Naija Auctions off Music Video Pieces for St. Jude Research Hospital


Queen Naija launches an eBay for Charity; the multi-platinum certified singer will auction off items for the sets of her “Missunderstood Diaries” for the children at St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

The singer was inspired to help make a difference after her heartfelt performance at Lyric Chanel‘s funeral. Chanel is the 13-year-old who captured the hearts of millions while documenting her battle with cancer. Naija partnered with St. Jude’s Hospital, which leads the way in understanding in defeating children’s cancer, to make a difference.

Referred to by the New York times as the “first soul star of social media,” Naija will be donating 42 items from the sets of the “misunderstood Diaries.” “Misunderstood Diaries” are the videos for the 16 songs composing her debut album, Misunderstood. The listing includes various iconic set pieces from the videos, such as her green loveseat, purple fuzzy desk, and handwritten diary. Many of the items are starting at only $9.99. The auction ends on Sunday, April 11th.

Click here to view the listing.