A judge denies bond for Hip-Hop star Ralo after being accused of smuggling 200 million dollars worth of marijuana from California to Georgia for resale with charted planes. Sources says Ralo along with the other four co-defendants were selling drugs out of his apartment complex nicknamed, Pakistan.

The rapper is known for his stance against police brutality and social injustice in the black community and expresses this often through his music. His team says they feel he is being targeted and is wrongfully accused as the media has also named him the leader of a gang, Famerica.

Terrell Davis aka Ralo is a popular rapper in Atlanta and father of five with, a huge social media following and affiliations with other big time rappers like Gucci Mane, T.I. and 2 Chainz. His fans and followers are standing behind him in hopes to convey who he really is and not what the media is portraying him to be.

His supporters packed the courthouse and made sure to share with reporters that Davis was a community man that constantly gives back and shares his wealth with people in need and far from a threat to society. They also confirmed that Famerica is not a gang but a record label.

The judge says he was denied bond because he is already a convicted felon and his arrest violated his current probation.

The American judicial system for a long time now has criminalized drugs to keep minorities oppressed. Some feel Ralo’s punishment like many other black men are excessive while others feel he should’ve just followed the law. JaGurl TV wants to know your opinion !?