Rapsody Celebrates Her Birthday During GRAMMY Weekend


GRAMMY Awards weekend is in full effect consisting of parties, events and networking opportunities. JaGurl TV attended the BET Music Showcase at City Market Social Club on Friday and caught up with intricate rapper, Rapsody. As the stars prepared for a fun weekend in Los Angeles, Rapsody enjoyed a low-key birthday during the week.

Rapsody, born on January 21, 1983, celebrated her 37th birthday with her niece by spending quality time. “To be honest I kept it real low-key. I was gonna go to New York and hang out, but my sister called me and she was like, ‘Can you please watch your niece today?’” she continued, “It was cool though I got to hang out with my niece, we made Tik-Tok videos, we had cupcakes and then that night I just chilled.”

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Boxin’ wit my niece to dat @roddyricch .

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Although she enjoyed having a relaxing birthday, she plans to celebrate during the GRAMMY Award weekend. “During GRAMMY week I’m going to go out and celebrate with my friends, we’re going to get some drinks and let loose and just have a good time. I like to have a good time, hang out, laugh with people you know. I don’t have to do nothing big.”

Continuing the excitement from her birthday, she hit the stage at the BET Music Showcase performing hit music from her album Eve, which made it debut August 2019. She performed Whoopi, Oprah and Afeni. “BET is Black Entertainment Television, and its dope for them to give us a space and a platform even though we may not all be GRAMMY nominated. It gives us a place where everybody can come out, have a good time, enjoy the music we perform for them and just continue to support artists.”

BET has supported artist like Rapsody for a long time. As she continues to make great music, we will continue to listen.