Regina King Makes History at the Venice Film Festival


Academy Award and three Prime Time Emmy Award winning actress, Regina King has made history!

Recently we reported that Regina directed her first film ‘One Night in Miami’ from a screenplay by Kemp Powers. The film depicts fictional accounts of history.

Aside from her many successful movie roles, Regina has made history by directing her movie and becoming the first African American woman to be selected in Venice Film Festival’s history.

“A woman will get a shot, and if she does not succeed, that shuts things down for years to come, until an opportunity comes again for another woman to get that shot,” King recently told the Guardian. “So I am so grateful for our film to be a part of the festival, but I really, really want it to perform well, because there’s so much talent out there and there are so many talented directors.”

‘One Night in Miami’ has premiered Monday (Sept.7 2020) at the Venice Film Festival.