Rihanna Gets “Real” About, Confidence, Loving Yourself and True Beauty


The singer, songwriter, and businesswoman Rihanna gives us her idea of real beauty. In an interview with Emirates Woman Rihanna speaks on what real beauty means to her. No matter what we must love ourselves and accept the bad days. Rihanna has been able to leave her mark in the cosmetic industry catering to all women.

Embracing real beauty, your own beauty can be difficult when society pushes a certain image that may not be you. “It happens when you finally learn to love yourself. Love yourself, love your body, and 100% be yourself.” says Rihanna. She assures us that confidence comes from within. That’s when you truly feel beautiful.

What about those days we can’t seem to love ourselves completely? “When I have those days, I make sure I remove myself from all negativity, but the truth is sometimes we have to pretend.” She too has to overcome those days.

Her views of beauty has reflected in her makeup line. “I always wanted to bring out a beauty line it was a natural fit for me when make-up has been such a huge part of my career and image, but I wanted it to be inclusive and we will continue to strive to do that.” Rihanna states. She has continued to deliver the needs of all women.

Rihanna has changed the standards of beauty with her make-up line that compliments women of all skin tones. She continues to break barriers in the cosmetic industry.

When being Rihanna gets tough she sticks with this motto: “Never a failure, always a lesson.” We must take our losses and overcome them.

Rihanna has done so much in her career and she continues to use her voice for all women and allow us to feel confident and beautiful with her products.