Rihanna Opens First Fenty Beauty TikTok House


The Rihanna Navy is all packed up and ready to move in to the new TikTok house, the latest installation in this entertainment mogul’s career.

Rihanna has always been on the pulse of culture and creativity and now she’s tapped five lucky content creators to join her. The Fenty Beauty mogul has opened it’s first TikTok house in Los Angeles as hub for the brainstorming of ideas and the creation of outstanding content.

“We are standing in the official first Fenty Beauty TikTok home,” she said at the launch party. “I just wanted to create a platform for the next wave of content creators. I think our generation is the sickest, the illest, the most creative. I can’t do it alone, so to join in with the people who are influencing the world and my community and my generation, this is a hub.”

TikTok, the platform for short form video content, has exploded amongst generation Z users and has blasted tons of viral videos around the world. Dances like Renegade, Toes, and Git Up have blown up on the social media platform, getting people moving across the world. TikTok houses, where content creators live together to develop the next viral content, have been becoming increasing popular over the last few months, as the social media platforms keeps growing.

Rihanna has laced her house full of Fenty Beauty products, video ready light, and beauty stations all around, providing the perfect place to explore your creativity. The videos have already begun and it seems like a total blast.

Rihanna’s five lucky house guests include professional makeup artist Emmy Combs (@emmycombss), Makayla (@makayladid), Savannah Palacio (@savpalacio), Kamaboko Gonpachiro (@challxn) and Dawn (@thedawndishsoap).

They have already begun to create some cute videos and tutorials using tons of Fenty products. You can check out some of their videos here. We can’t wait to see what else they come up with.