Russell Wilson and Ciara Open Up about Their Marriage, Routines, and Boundaries in GQ Interview


In a recent interview with GQ, Russell Wilson and Ciara were featured on the cover of the Modern Lovers Issue where they discussed achieving perfection in a relationship, and how they keep things interesting with a set of fun rules, boundaries, and routines.

The Wilsons first emphasized the importance of setting the tone for the day with prayer, setting intentions, and gratitude. And this daily routine continues regardless of where they are, football season, or vacation.

Even when they’re separated, the pair make it a priority to be near one another with a FaceTime call, or simply being in the next room. Ciara tells GQ, “We have some fun rules that we created, rules about how long they are willing to be apart. “What is it, like 10 days that we don’t wanna push past, babe? Ten days when we travel?” Russell answered, “When we first met, it was 14 days.” That was in 2015. The power couple got married in 2016. “Then it was 10 days. And now it’s no more than seven or five. I don’t know, it may be really five days at this point.”

While Russell is on the road with the team, Ciara takes that time apart to showcase her music, “I could be called tomorrow to go and do a private for somebody’s wedding, and I’ve got to be able to rock and roll.”

The blended family is relationship goals to many people and they use their platform to give advice, promote self-care, and give back. Together, the Wilsons have a fashion brand, fragrances, charity, and multiple businesses together.

When asked about people’s admiration with their relationship, Ciara responded, “It lets you know the feeling that people feel from you, it speaks for the power of love.” Ciara also said the marriage is everything she pictured for herself when she was a little girl.

Russell added, “We’re just grateful that we get to spend time together every day,” he continues, “Every morning we wake up together it’s a blessing, and we get to smile from ear to ear and know that ‘You know what? Let’s go. Let’s go do this.”

The couple has a weekly checklist they go through every week to answer the question, “‘How’d I love you this week?” And they make it work by setting date nights, which are usually on Fridays, constant communication, and considering each other’s feelings when making big decisions.

With a love built on pure joy, gratitude, and prayer; the Wilsons have been setting intentions on making each day better. Russell ended the interview by saying “the one thing that’s going to always get us through—not just us, but the world—at the center of all of that is love. And so for us, that’s all we focused on: love at the center of it all in our mindset. It was really, like, okay, with giving back: love at the center of it all. With our family: love at the center of it all. With society and the social injustices, and all of the things going on: Man, love is at the center of it all.”

Their story will be available in the March 2021 issue of GQ’s Modern Lovers edition.