‘Saints & Sinners’ returns for Season 4 on Bounce TV


The Bounce TV original drama Saints & Sinners has returned for Season 4. The season premiered on Sunday, July 7th and JaGurl TV had the pleasure of speaking to the full cast to find out what the fans will be looking forward to for the all new season. With some much drama ending in Season 3, we can only imagine how crazy things will get in season 4.

“There are absolutely so many surprises in this script, our fans, their heads are going to explode!” says cast member Donna Biscoe, who plays Lady Leona Byrd on the show. “And even for me, as we sat down and read the first few scripts I was just blown away at some of the stuff that goes on with Leona this season and some of the discoveries. There are a lot of surprises this season, a lot!”

Season four of Saints & Sinners follows the on-going drama that revolves around the Greater Hope Baptist Church in Cypress Georgia. Mayor EllaJohnson (Vanessa Bell Calloway) is setting her sights beyond Cypress, Georgia and using her power and influence to position herself for a state senate seat. When her mother’s (Donna Biscoe) deep buried secrets surface, they threaten the very foundation of Ella’s world as she struggles to keep her enemies at bay and her children safe.

Each cast member prepared for their roles a little differently this season, including Clifton Powell who plays Rex Fisher. “A lot of these cats (characters) are not how we are in real life; like playing Rex is easy cause I would never do half the stuff Rex does in real life, I’d probably be locked up for like a thousand years. Its kind of interesting cause this year he takes the twist and turns and then he kind of reverts back to his old self again.” said Powell.

Others, like Demetria McKinney, who plays Tamara Austin Calloway, prepared for their roles with ease. “I read through everything (scripts) kinda once, and don’t read through everything again. I like to watch everybody else’s performance the first time along with everyone else; after that first initial read through of everything, I don’t see it, so I get a chance to really really have a full experience and not be jaded.”

The season will be full of jaw dropping moments! Be sure to catch all new episodes of Saints & Sinners every Sunday at 9/8c on Bounce TV.