Saweetie is Hosting a New Sex Positive Netflix Show, ‘Sex: Unzipped’


Everyone give it up for the certified Icy Girl, Saweetie! She has hustled hard this year and is collecting all her coins. She has been in

big collabs with McDonald’s, M.A.C. Cosmetics,Crocs, and now she is in her latest venture which is heading to your TV screen. According to Teen Vogue, Saweetie, along with sex experts and other celebs, will star in ‘Sex: Unzipped,’ a new Netflix special that addresses misconceptions around sex and identity.

This show is a Netflix exclusive. Saweetie is the host and and will be joined by other celebrities and sex experts like Dominique JacksonMae MartinMichelle ButeauNikki GlaserRomesh RanganathanSam Jay, and Trixie MattelAlexander ChevesEmily MorseOloni, and Stella Anna Sonnenbaum. These experts will “help address the biggest misconceptions surrounding sex and identity.”

This Netflix show is meant to shed a different view on the sex education system. No matter your age, this is meant to bring relatable information to all those who have questions regarding different topics. This is particularly important for young people in our society who are looking for guidance and different point of views.

Sex: Unzipped will premiere on October 26.