Shaquille O’Neal Talks About the Joys of Parenting and Learning with his Children


Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal is a retired professional basketball player who is also a sports analyst on Inside the NBA on TNT. He has not only established himself as an athlete, but also a household name. From television shows, to movies, to commercials and his interaction on social media, we have grown to love his funny personality. During an exclusive interview with US Magazine, we got an even deeper look on his life as he spoke about parenthood. As we know raising children can be a tough job but we see that Shaq makes the best out of spending quality time with his children and co-parenting.

His youngest daughter is 14 years old and he explains how hard it is to let go as he watches them grow up. He also believes that as he is training these individuals to be functioning members of society he cannot hand them everything on a silver platter just because of his status. “I don’t think its right for a 17-year old to be driving around with a Lamborghini, Ferrari, partying and all that stuff. So I believe in respectable nepotism because I always tell them if you want this to go on you have to do it the right way.” says the father of 5. In other words, he is teaching his children how to work for themselves and gain skills that they can implement in their lives. The same way he took time to develop his craft in basketball, he is setting the same discipline for raising his children.

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