Slutty Vegan and Steve Madden Team Up for Vegan Sneaker Deal


Steve Madden has partnered with Atlanta’s Slutty Vegan for a limited edition vegan sneaker and bag pairing, perfect for the summer. Slutty Vegans founder and CEO, Pinky Cole, made the announcement on Instagram that they would be partnering with the fashion shoe brand to create #MADDSlutty, a new line of “vegan sneakers.” In a first for the industry, Madden and red-hot vegan restaurant chain Slutty Vegan created a  PETA certified sneaker and cross body bag featuring the restaurant’s signature colors, style and attitude.

The white sneakers feature a yellow insole with the word ‘vegan’ written in it and red stripes along the bottom. It also features a keychain of the Slutty Vegan bus that dangles on the side of the sneaker. It’s the first PETA-approved vegan shoe, marking history for both brands.

“Who would’ve thought a restaurant could have their own sneaker! 🙌🏾🥺🙏🏾. We’re excited to announce our historic partnership with @Stevemadden for THEE first @Peta approved vegan 👟! Available NOW in-store & online at &” The announcement was followed up with a launch celebration at the Slutty Vegan Edgewood location.

They retail on Steve Madden’s website for $99.95.