Jennifer Hudson Completes Her EGOT Status With ‘A Strange Loop’!


Who is in an EGOT? Jennifer Hudson officially. She joins the elite few of 17 total EGOT titles and historically becomes the second African American woman title holder after Whoopi Goldberg

A coveted achievement for entertainers and performers alike is attaining the EGOT status. It is an acronym associated with the exceptional darers for their accrual of all four major entertainment awards, the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards. The accolades are awarded for extraordinary artistic and technical merit in the categories of television (Emmy), music (Grammy), cinematic film (Oscar), and live Broadway theatre (Tony), industries respectively. 

The beautifully stunning and equally decorated artist, Hudson, earned her first Emmy for ‘Outstanding Interactive Media in a Daytime Program’ in 2021 for her role and producer-ship in the OculusVR experience of Baba Yaga

Her two-time Grammy wins were attributed to her first in 2009 for ‘Best R&B Album’ with her solo debut album self-titled, Jennifer Hudson. Her second Grammy was awarded for her sultry lyrical contributions to the ‘Best Musical Theater Album’ in The Color Purple soundtrack in 2017. 

In 2007 “All she had to do was dream” as the American Idol breakout star shined her light even more by joining voices and vocals with additionally legendary Beyonce. Thusly, Hudson’s performance and natural talent succinctly earned her the Oscar for the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her role as Effie White in Dream Girls

The final and critical piece to her historical EGOT status comes with her earned Tony award for ‘Best Musical’ amid her contributions and producer-ship of the latest, most fabulous, top reviewed, and award-winning theatrical musical, A Strange Loop, envisioned by playwright Michael R. Jackson

Congratulations to our girl JHUD from yours truly JaGurlTv. Also, you can catch the latest and upcoming show performances for the critically acclaimed musical A Strange Loop.