Stephen and Ayesha Curry To Donate Thousands of Books to Oakland Schools

OAKLAND, CA - APRIL 01: (L-R) NBA Player Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Ayesha Curry attend the "Stephen Vs The Game" Facebook Watch Preview at 16th Street Station on April 1, 2019 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images)

Tis’ the season! Stephen and Ayesha Curry are spreading their holiday joy by donating thousands of books to schools in Oakland California.

The celebrity couple founded the Eat. Love. Play Foundation to help enrich the livelihoods of children. The couple’s foundation will be donating thousands of books to schools throughout Oakland.

“We along with our entire team at Eat. Learn. Play. understand the importance of early childhood education, especially when it comes to literacy,” the couple says in an official statement to PEOPLE.

“Nothing is more basic, more essential, more foundational, or more important to a child’s success in life than the ability to read well. We know there is a lot of work to be done, but with partners like Literati, we’re hopeful that we will be able to make an impact on these children’s lives.”

The donation boxes will include a total of 6 books. Each box will have five children’s books and one adult book selected from Stephen’s “Underrated” book club.

Through their partnership with Literati, the couple will be donating at least 14,000 books to children who are learning remotely.

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The Curry’s enlisted in the aid of Bay Area Investor Aydin Senkut of Fleicis Ventures for the rest of the donations. The remaining donations will be distributed at the beginning of the new year.