Steve Stoute’s UnitedMasters Launches New “Select” Program For Independent Artist


UnitedMasters, the leading platform for independent artists, announced the launch of their “Select” program which is now available on iPhone and Android. The program will allow independent artist to receive 100% of their royalties as well as receiving access to exclusive brand partnerships including the opportunity to be featured across ESPN programming including on SportsCenter, First Take, The Jump, and more.

“Select,” a new subscription offering from the digital music distribution platform, provides artists with a suite of tools to operationalize independent success. UnitedMasters artists now have more options for how to manage their career with the ability to choose between a simple 90/10 royalty split or a $5/mo subscription offer without any hidden fees.

In just 18 months, UM has amassed over 400k artists, 5 billion streams, and over half a million distributed tracks working with many artist including NLE Choppa, Billboard charting recording artist Lil TeccaLil XXELFuture Kingz, and more.

Providing an alternative to the traditional music industry, UnitedMasters allows artists to seamlessly distribute their music to major streaming services from their iPhone or Android device, view transparent streaming and fan analytics, and access promotional tools to enable commercial success – all while retaining full ownership of their masters. The streamlined mobile app gives artists the power of a modernized, always-on record label in their pocket and “Select” artists gain access to an ever-growing list of new features to take their career to the next level.

“Disruption and democratization are in our DNA.” said Steve Stoute, Founder and CEO of UnitedMasters. “‘We’re tearing down the construct of ‘gatekeepers’ and putting independent artists in front of the biggest brands, allowing them to choose the terms of their deal, and maintain 100% ownership of their careers – all from their phone.”

For $5 a month, artists who sign up for “Select” will have access to:

  • Exclusive brand deals with the world’s top brands including the ESPN, the NBA, Cash App, Apple and more
  • Unlimited distribution to all major streaming platforms including Instagram and TikTok
  • Music distribution straight from iMessage, Dropbox, and iCloud
  • Express distribution in 10 days or less
  • Keep 100% of streaming royalties
  • Promotional tools such as smart links and an artist website
  • Straight forward streaming, social, and fan analytics
  • Transparent monthly revenue statements and direct payment via PayPal
  • And more

“From its inception, UnitedMasters was designed to give artists the power of choice and control over their future.” said Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood, President of UnitedMasters. “As we continue to build the new blueprint for the music industry, we’re dedicated to providing artists with new options for what a modern day music career looks like.”

They will be hosting The Select Conference on July 16th and 17th virtually to gather an array of talent across the music, sports, and tech worlds to discuss the intersection of music and culture. Participants include executives from Instagram, YouTube and more.