T.I. Demands Reparations From The Financial Providers Of The Slave Trade


Late last night, T.I. went on Instagram Live to share a very important message with fans. The message was an eye opener for many that tuned in as this powerful statement was accompanied with a quick history lesson about who was the financial force behind the slave trade. A UK based insurance market called the Lloyd’s of London, caused the slave trade to thrive for so many years.

As a people, as a community, and as a generation, we have experienced a lot of ups and downs regarding African Americans in this country. T.I. constantly uses his platform to spread knowledge to his people. Whether it’s about business, finances, or overall wellness, this man is always dropping free gems. On this special night, T.I. informed his fans about the history of Black Americas and how this country set up slavery to be a success for generations to come.

Lloyd’s of London is an insurance market located in London, United Kingdom worth $52.8 billion. According to T.I., who was accompanied by his sons Domani Harris and Messiah Ya’Majesty Harris, this financial institution that insured the boats, cargo (slaves), the salaries of slave owners and employees. Lloyd’s of London acquired a lot of their riches by being a powerful financial entity during slavery. In 2020, some of their top clients include household names like 20th Century Fox and celebrities like David Beckham.

So what was the reason that T.I. wanted to spread this information?

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“Speaking as a dependent of slaves you insured, for slave masters to take us away from my native land, bring us over here and strip us of all of our heritage, strip us of all of our language, our religions. I think the dependents of the slaves deserve at least 10% of that company.”

The other guests sitting in the studio with T.I. clapped and cheered in agreement. Their belief is that black people should have to ask for anything because it is rightfully owed.

“If you fail to respond, I think then we just have to go after all of your top clients,” said T.I. “There will be a formal letter put together by my attorneys, I will be submitting it on behalf of the descendants. Everybody watching this, if you Black and you want reparations, get behind me.”

We have not seen a major move like this be made in regards to black people in America. It will be interesting what the outcome of a power move like this will be.