T.I. Explains How His Gift for Storytelling Led him to Acting


The GRAMMY-award winning artist, T.I explains how his love for storytelling has led him to act and possibly seek other creative ventures.

“I think that’s my evolution,” the rapper tells Black Girl Nerds. “Should my evolution take me there. I am a storyteller by nature…so I think that can take me into music, that can take me into writing, producing, directing acting.”

The Hip Hop superstar explains how good storytelling can alter perspectives and challenge societal norms.

“I just want to make sure that the stories are told, that’s what’s going to challenge everyone’s perspective,” says T.I. “And the way we evolve as a culture is by challenging one of another’s perspectives. By thinking the same way and doing the same things we never go anywhere, we never make it anywhere. I think storytelling is a way to challenge one another perspectives and offer a different way to view things.”

As the rapper transitions into the world of acting he explains how acting helped him not only evolve as an artist but as a man.

“It’s a commitment,” says the Atlanta rapper. “You commit to a character, you commit to this character’s experience. You commit to this particular script and you have to stick to that.”

T.I. is one of the stars in a recent film titled, Monster Hunter. The film follows Lt. Artemis (played by Milla Jovovich) and her group of soldiers as they enter into a new world of dangerous monsters. Lt. Artemis and her team are caught in a desperate battle of survival and return to their world.

As a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, the rapper jumped at the opportunity to work with the same star-studded cast.

“I remember playing Resident Evil the game before the film actually came out,” says the rapper. “And the same team that did those Resident Evil films was the team that was doing this film; the director Paul Anderson to Milla, even down to the visual effect guys. I was excited to work with that team because I was a fan of that franchise.”

Watch T.I’s full interview below.