Big Sean Takes On The Role as ‘Creative Director Of Innovation’ For The Detroit Pistons


Rapper and Detroit native Big Sean, has taken on the role of ‘Creative Director Of Innovation’ for the Detroit Pistons!

According to a press release, the role will consist of Big Sean providing creative counsel and strategic guidance on a variety of Pistons off-the-court initiatives, including team merchandise design, in-game experience, co-branded community, and social  responsibility activation, etc. 

“It’s a dream come true and a real honor to get to work with the iconic Detroit Pistons,” said Big Sean. “I grew up in the city,  which naturally made me a fan of the Bad Boys. I would later have a Grant Hill poster on my wall and then, against all odds,  would watch the ’04 Pistons go on to win the Championship, inspiring the whole city of Detroit. I look forward to creatively  finding new ways to contribute to their legacy and continue their dedication to the community through sports, art, and, of  course, music.”  

Speaking of music, Big Sean will also direct the music for Pistons in-game  entertainment, including halftime performances and DJ playlists. To add on to the job duties, Big Sean will also participate in creative sessions  and spearhead collaborations with the Pistons design team in order to launch custom merchandise line extensions.  

Big Sean isn’t the only one excited about this partnership. “Sean is an accomplished artist, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Having spent time with him and his family I know how  deeply he cares about the city of Detroit,” said Pistons Owner Tom Gores. “We share a common desire to use the power of  sports and entertainment to improve our community and make a positive impact on people’s lives. I’m excited to see what we can do working together.”  

In fact, Sean’s ‘Don Life’ logo will even be imprinted on the Pistons practice jerseys!

“Big Sean embodies everything the Pistons organization and our D-Up campaign is about – creativity, hard work, and the people of Detroit,” said Detroit Pistons Chief Business Officer Mike Zavodsky “Big Sean and the Pistons are both a part of the fabric of Detroit, and we look forward to this partnership reflecting the culture of the city we both call home.”