That’s Just The Bottom Line Because Keisha Said It!


ATL’s own LightSkinKeisha releases her debut project “That’s Just The Bottom Line” a 10 track list with a single feature from her partner Coca Vango. Raised by a single mother, and out of eight kids, she has always let her voice overshadow others. Her ability to utilize her voice in a powerful way turned professional after releasing a short clip of her showing off her skills. LightSkinKeisha’s SoundCloud would start buzzing after she dropped “Weather” that was produced by a very close friend of hers, Wili Hendrixs. This song almost reaches 2 million streams from amusing companion videos. Most impressively, it brought a spotlight towards her phenomenal hummable hooks and eye-catching bars. 

On this album, she does not hold back with her impeccable sharp rhymes and unfiltered lyrics.  Every song gives a different meaning that reflects off the title of the song. “Believe That” is an alternative version of one of the hottest songs back from the ‘99 to 2000 Juvenile’s “Back That Thang Up”. Although her album dropped a midnight, she already has five hits! 
What is your favorite song off her album?

By: Santana @driunesantanatv