Tiffany Haddish host Kids Say the Darndest Things


From her breakout role in the film Girls Trip, and breaking box offices with other films such as Night School and Nobody’s Fool, as well as making history on Saturday Night Live; comedian Tiffany Haddish can officially add hosting her very own show to her list. Haddish will be hosting a kids based show called Kids Say the Darndest Things

“I remember being a kid and people saying ‘Oh, kids should be seen and not heard.’ I do not agree with that at all. I think kids should be heard. If you’re able to talk, you should be heard, period, no matter what you are” Tiffany Haddish explained In an interview with Detroit News.

The base of the show is a replica of Kids Say the Darndest Things when it first aired back in 1998 hosted by Bill Cosby.  The show has kids (around ages 4 to 8) talking about different subjects, and whatever the child discusses it usually ends up being extremely humorous. The children have no one prompting them on the side to say these funny things either. It would only be right to have a funny host for a show like this, and that’s where Tiffany Haddish steps her way in.

Haddish feels she was made for hosting a comedy TV show such as this one, by referring to her upbringing. “I always tried to look at the brighter side of things,” Haddish explained as she referred to her being put into foster care at 12 years old with her other siblings. “I was moving from house to house, I was living with strangers and whatnot, and I looked at it as an adventure.” The comedian feels that experiencing that made her have a natural liking for children.

Haddish is really big on letting children be heard. She told Detroit News, “I feel like everything that I went through as a child and being in a foster care system, and knowing what it’s like NOT to be heard, and now that I am an adult, I really feel that it’s very important to heard children, to listen to them, to give them a place to talk.”

Kids Say the Darndest Things airs Sunday on ABC, 8/7 central!