Tiffany Haddish Launches She Ready Internship Program


Actress Tiffany Haddish has partnered with Ready To Succeed to launch She Ready internship program for foster youth.

She Ready Internship will focus on transitioning aged foster youth. Selected applicants will undergo a transformative experience in media as an intern at Haddish’s She Ready Production. The paid internship will also provide mentorship and a “suitcase” filled with resources for work. Interns will also receive stipends to cover transportation and other work-related expenses.

The program is open for fostered youth between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. In order to apply applicants must be currently attending college in California.

Haddish has a deep connection to foster care and foster children. Her and her siblings were sent to foster care after a car accident left her mother unable to care for them. Haddish spent 5 years in foster care before aging out at the age of 18. She recalls the feeling of moving foster homes as “the worst feeling in the world.”

“You’re dropped in these strangers’ houses,” the actress explains to David Letterman. “You don’t know these people, these people don’t know you, you don’t know if they’re gonna hurt you, if they’re gonna be kind, you don’t have a clue what’s going on.”

It was here, within the foster care system that Haddish’s desire to help other children bloomed.

Now the award-winning actress has made it her goal to empower and uplift foster youth. Haddish expressed to her boyfriend Common her desire to foster or adopt during his podcast, Mind Power Mixtape.

“I just want to bring survival skills, share everything I know with them,” She explains in an exclusive clip obtained by E! news. “I definitely want to either foster kids or adopt and get them at seven-where they know how to use the bathroom, they can communicate, tell you they’re hungry.”

“They should have some manner. If not, they can learn them.. you can mold their mind,” she further explains. “I want the child to know, ‘Hey I chose you to be here with me and I want to give you all the knowledge that I have.”

Although the actress hasn’t disclosed when she will take this next step into motherhood, she continues to use her platform to encourage and inspire foster children.

The She Ready internship program will start in 2021, applications are available now. For more information about the program visit the site, here.