Tyler Perry Is Partnering With LinkedIn For Series On Race In The Workplace


The successful jack of all trades Tyler Perry has teamed up with LinkedIn for a very beneficial purpose this month.

LinkedIn has created a new content and community discussion series, ‘Conversations for Change’ to help the engagement for the website and Tyler Perry will be the first guest editor.

The role for Perry began just on Monday as he will serve as guest editor for the entire week. He’ll be working with LinkedIn’s editorial team to create content across different channels around equity, representation and inclusion in the workplace.

According to LinkedIn, “46 percent of Black professionals ages 18-34 have faced blatant discrimination and/or microaggressions at work and 34 percent feel they’ve been overlooked or intentionally passed by for career advancement opportunities because of their race.” 

“Additionally, 81 percent of Black professionals say it’s important to see other Black professionals in positions of leadership and 25 percent feel they may face retaliation for speaking up about racial justice issues or topics around diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.”

In a statement, Perry voices his intentions behind this collaboration.

“I wanted to be a part of LinkedIn’s Conversations for Change because there’s so much that is going on in the country that we need to talk about,” Perry told Variety. “The word ‘conversation’ means a dialogue between people, and in dialogue is where you find all of the truth, all of the pain, all of the nuance, and where you get to the heart of what’s really affecting so many of us.”

Perry will also engage with users as he will answer any questions they may have pertaining the loss of their jobs through this pandemic.

“I really want to be a light for anybody out there who is looking to make their own way in the world, and to let others know that you can do it, too,” Perry said.