Universal and AMC Theatres Sign A Deal To Play Films at Home


Universal and AMC Theaters are comeing together to create a movie experience at home. Since the arrival of Covid-19, the traditional movie goer experience has not been able to be enjoyed. Traditional methods are now being switched around through a new deal that releases chain’s ban on Universal’s movies.

According to CNN, Universal and its sister studio, Focus Features, has the option of releasing films on video on demand platforms after 17 days of exclusivity. In short, this means customers will have an opportunity to go to the movies or rent in their homes after three weeks. This is a change from the traditional 70 day wait.

“The theatrical experience continues to be the cornerstone of our business,” Donna Langley, Universal’s chairman, said in a statement. “The partnership we’ve forged with AMC is driven by our collective desire to ensure a thriving future for the film distribution ecosystem and to meet consumer demand with flexibility and optionality.”

This new industry model will help with the changing times and will be in effect just in time for the new schedule of movies to be released.

“We are participating in the entirety of the economics of the new structure, and because premium video on demand creates the added potential for increased movie studio profitability, which should in turn lead to the green-lighting of more theatrical movies,” Adam Aron, AMC’s CEO, said in a statement.

AMC did take a big hit when the pandemic came into play and even considered permanently shutting down. but has recently announced that it would open select theaters with new health measures next month.