Usher Talks Finding His Passion and Life Purpose through his Non-Profit ‘Usher’s New Look’


Recently the Legendary singer, songwriter, actor, businessman, and dancer, Usher joined Power 106 for an interview where small concepts became thought provoking ideas worth a deeper discussion. One topic in particular had Usher dropping major gems for listeners.

Usher spoke about finding your purpose and how he has incorporated that way of thinking into his non-profit organization. Usher’s New Look, a non-profit founded in 1999 by Usher and his mother Jonetta Patton transforms the lives of the under-resourced youth through comprehensive programming, has inspired him to be present even in times of turmoil. The foundation is deeper than just a charity to the youth, but a second chance at life.

Usher is forced to reflect on the longevity of his career and the impact that his non-profit has made over the years. “The longer I do this, the stronger my passion is,” Usher says about his non-profit. He continues, “If you find your passion, that’s the greatest thing that you could ever do. Many people say look, find a job, find something that’s responsible, but if you find your passion and you can actually do that, and it takes you on this journey or whatever your journey is.. it’ll just continue to evolve.”

Usher provided the perfect pep talk to fans. Usher is the example of how kindness still has an impact on the world.

Watch the full interview below: