Vice President Kamala Harris and Michael B Jordan have a ‘Special Conversation’ to Kick Off NBA’s All-Star Game


Vice President Kamala Harris and actor Michael B Jordan open the 2021 NBA All-Star Game, discussing their mutual love for basketball and the importance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

The pair talked about her college years at Howard University.

“There are two things that led me to where I am today,” Harris recalls. “My family and the HBCU I attended, which was Howard University. I’m so happy that the NBA is celebrating our HBCUs.”

This year the NBA and National Basketball Players Association have pledged to donate $3 million to aid HBCUs access to Covid care, relief, and vaccines. They will do this through the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the United Negro College Fund, National Association for Equal Opportunity, and the Direct Relief Fund for Health Equity.

The duo also discussed the ongoing pandemic and the importance of taking the vaccines.

“Right now, Michael, I’m urging everyone to get the vaccines when it is your turn,” Harris says. “I’ve taken the vaccine. It’s about understanding that it’s bigger than you because it really is an extension of love thy neighbor, and it will save their life.”

Harris refers to the NBA stars that played in the bubble last year as “leaders.”

“The players were the leaders who showed everyone for the sake of the team; for the sake of the whole, you make certain sacrifices. They did their thing!” says Harris.

Now regarding her favorite team, Harris professed her love for the Golden State Warriors.

“All about the Warriors,” She proclaims. “After we won the election and I became vice president, the Warriors had a special jersey that Oakland in the front, and it had 49 on it. I said I don’t think Steph [Curry]’s number is 49? And then I realized I’m the 49th vice president!”

Michael B Jordan will also be doing his part and adding to the HBCU experience. This year he will be debuting the HBCU Hoop Dreams Classic. The event will bring together the top athletes from HBCUs around the nation and showcases their talents. The inaugural HBCU Hoop Dreams Classic will debut on December 18th, 2021.