Symone Royale Talks Music Journey and New Docuseries


JaGurl TV sat down with Pop/R&B artist Symone Royale as we discussed her journey into music, her docuseries and more.

Symone Royale is a Houston, Texas native, but has been in Atlanta for the last 3 years. She got her musical start in the church. With Symone’s dad being a minister, this created opportunities for her to sing at funerals, weddings and big town events. Eventually, things took off from there!

When it comes to music, Symone definitely did her homework on the background of the industry by attending Berklee College of Music and received her degree in Music Business Management.

“I’m the kinda person that likes to know what I’m talking about in the room or I know at least somewhat of what you’re talking about and I know there are resources,” she continues, “artists really had a hard time knowing the in’s and out’s of the business but now everything is ‘Googleable’ or ‘YouTubeable’.”

Symone also opens up about the inspiration behind her nostalgist sound of music, “So, I love funk, I grew up on Chaka Khan, Prince, Janet Jackson and just hearing the production, the vocal production, the writing, all of it and it’s just always inspired me to create my own style within it.”

There are a number of different musical sounds pulled from many genre’s of music within Symone’s style. “I love to experiment with different styles that’s why in the last project I kind of have different styles.”

Symone also opens up about feeling like she used to put her self ‘in a box’ when it came to producing different sounds. “I feel like in the last year or two I’ve put myself in a box and I don’t really like that. I wanted to show my supporters just all of what I can do.”

Symone’s latest project is her EP ‘Goin Deep‘ and she did just that. Symone explains the inspiration and her thought process behind producing this particular piece.

“I was really just wanting to go deep within myself, I feel like I was just lowkey putting myself in a box and not really realizing it. It just really was a chance for me to go deeper within myself, deeper as an artist, realizing things that I may have thought was normal of thinking or that were healthy and now it’s like after I’ve written those songs and I listen back and I’ve grown, it’s like man that was a really toxic thing.”

Aside from the music, her Docuseries “Scenes by Symone” is definitely in the works in-which we will be getting more in-depth footage of Symone in the studio and the preparation process behind her finished project.

“In the first one I feel like I wanted people to see more of my personality, and see how I like to do out going things, jumping out of a plane and hiking. She continues, “So those are things I like to do and so in this one I think you’re going to see more of me working, more meetings, more studio time, more footage of the shows and my band.”

Scenes by Symone the docuseries part two will premiere in April. She’s also working on a new visual that fans will just have to be on the lookout for!

Symone Royale can be found on Social Media and all streaming platforms @SymoneRoyale.