YBN Almighty Jay Jumped and Robbed in NY


In the words of historical figure Smokey from the movie Friday, “You got Knocked the F*** Out!”.

Nahh, we joke. But Rapper YBN almight Jay did get into a serious scuffle in New York.

In a video posted on several social media sites the rapper can be seen fighting with multiple other guys on the street.

TMZ reports the fight was with up-and-coming rapper  Lil Tj.It happened outside of a Saks store chile.

Unfortunately while his friends did have his back, at one point Jay was separated from the group and in the video he can be seen getting kicked in the head twice.

His face showed what appeared to be blood and he also had a lot of bruises.

Thieves also took off with Jay’s chain,wallet and shoes.

Though the crime was plastered across social media it was not reported to Police.

Just hours before the fight the rapper had posted a video of himself on his instagram account flashing multiple diamond chains.

Since the incident, the rapper has not been active on social media.

By: Toi Creel