You Go Gurl! Meet La’Ron, Creator and CEO of Roni’s Stuff Skincare line


La’Ron Moultre is the creator and CEO of Roni’s Stuff, a black owned skincare line located in Atlanta, GA. She took interest in skincare when she purchased a serum that was made with all natural earhey care, La’Ron mentioned “I found this serum back in college. I don’t remember the name of the brand, I just know it was a black owned company, this was before Moon Cosmetics.” From there La’Ron realized that she wanted to create something like she had discovered three years later .

La’Ron came up with her mixers by having a interest in natural solutions. She was sure to do her due diligence researching everything from skin types, what ingredients can go together, what can’t go together. Her goal is to really understanding the purpose of the ingredients and where she wanted her products’ end results to be. Her two favorite ingredients to mix this far are niacinmide which is another form of Vitamin B that you can take as a supplement and lactic acid which helps brighten skin and take away dullness.

What drove her to create these products? La’Ron told JaGurl TV, “At a point of time I didn’t like my skin, that’s kinda really what drove me to make these products” La’Ron continued “I was buying $200 products and they weren’t doing anything.” La’Ron favorite product is her “Best D*mn Foaming Face Wash”; this product took her longer to create then the others. The face wash took her a year and a half to get it just like she wanted .

With her brand she is creating affordable products that won’t hurt your pockets and give you real results. La’Rons’ goal is to genuinely help people love their skin again and have her line be sold and appreciated in stores. To support Roni’s Stuff you can go to or on Instagram @ronisstuff.