You Go Gurl!: Meet Aparna Avasarala, the Young CEO Behind Empowering Fashion Brand; Denimrush


What do you get when you mix bright colors, chic style, and a dash of artistry? The Denimrush brand!

Created by Aparna ‘AP’ Avasarala, Denimrush was founded in 2017 in New York City. The home of “the Big Apple” and fast fashion serves is the inspiration behind the brand’s goals; empowerment, authenticity, and showcasing one’s inner artist and true colors! Denimrush serves as the brand that champions colorways, creativity, and artful designs that you can wear anywhere. Beginning with a focus on custom painted vintage denimwear, Denimrush has now transitioned into hand painted and tie dye sweat sets, slip dresses, buttondown shirts, accessories and more!

JaGurl TV took a dive into the humble beginnings of Denimrush’s CEO, AP, and questioned how her brand will continue to have a positive impact on the fashion industry.

“I started it about three years and we started with hand painted denim jackets,” Aparna stated when she took us back to the beginning of it all. “I went to school for interior design actually. So I used to do paintings for houses like murals and actual artwork, and then I got super bored of my denim jacket so I painted it. I was walking around New York and then everyone was just asking me where they can get it from, so I was just like alright let me just be like this is something that I do.”

From there an idea for a dope brand was born. Aparna took a big risk to dedicate her all to the brand. “Last year is when I quit my full time job to do it [Denimrush] full time.” Although taking the leaf of faith was scary, it has been rewarding.

Covid hit and made the in-person experience unattainable. From there she pivoted her business plan and started to add the tie dye sweats and matching sets. “Denimrush’s business model (before covid) was we would do experimental events. So we would work with corporations, festivals, companies like Bloomingdales, and stores essentially. We would go inside and we would create that shopping experience where people would get their purchases customized on site.”

AP is taking her knowledge of fashion and bringing it to her generation in a fun way. Her time in school contributed to her keen eye for fashion. “I was in school for five years because I did this study abroad program.” She was able to spend a semester in Italy to learn design in Florence.

“Hopefully we do expand into things other than fashion. I think that Denimrush is about art and it’s just we’re using fashion as our canvas at the moment.” She pondered the idea of luggage or actual art work. The idea is to “spread color” to lovers of art. 

“So we’re all about color, comfort, and being chic. We always say we add T.L.C. Tender, Love, and Color.” The brand displays that through their colorways and fun photo shoots that display their different style of clothing.

“The goal is just to kinda create this community of just like positively but more so in just a fun way,” AP expressed. “The goal is just to create this more positive environment that people can you know come to learn.”