Zoë Kravitz Collabs with YSL to Create the Perfect Red Lips


Actress Zoë  Kravitz partners with YSL to launch 8 variations of red lipsticks inspired by her favorite cities around the world.

“Before, it was about the names of people who were dear to me; now it’s about the cities that have inspired me.” the actress tells Haper Bazar. “I wanted to bring everyone on a journey that would show you the key places in my life.”

Each lipstick’s name refers to a city that has influenced moments in Kravitz’s life. Through the various shades of red, Kravitz takes every woman on her personal life journey. During the interview, Kravitz explains her connection to these “key places.”

“London…” she begins. “Well, it’s a place I never thought I would spend a lot of time, but work has brought me there a lot, and I’ve made so many great friends there. I’ve fallen in love with Hampstead Heath and love getting out to the English countryside when I have a chance. Paris, oh, so special! I’ve spent a lot of time there ever since I was a kid and have had some really beautiful times there with close friends and family. I’ve also danced my heart out in Paris! Los Angeles—it’s where I grew up, so I will always be connected to it. I love the nature of this place. It’s like a million cities in one. New York is my favorite place! I’ve lived there for over 15 years. Every time I touch down there, I get a warm excited feeling.”

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The collection caters to all skin types, ranging in colors and shades.

If you are looking for a firey red, “NYC Jungle,” is a bright red embolden by the city the YSL Beaute currently resides. The shades that symbolize Los Angeles, where Kravitz grew up, are reds infused with various shades of mauve.

Although fond of makeup in general, the actress explains her deeper connection to lipstick.

“As an actress, the lips are key to deliver the message,” she explains. “they express the words in the script. But what I love about lipstick is that with just a single swipe of color you can express a mood. And when you’ve had an especially busy day—you know, one of those days where it feels more like four days in one!—lipstick is the best ally for any woman. You can switch moods, and express a different version of yourself with just one quick gesture.”

The YSL Beaute Rouge Pur Couture x Zoë Kravitz collection is currently available and each lipstick is $38.

Click here to shop the collection and find your perfect shade of red.


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