EXCLUSIVE: Akbar V Opens Up About Her Spiritual Journey, New Music, and Why She left Reality TV


The reality star and artist Akbar V is no stranger to entertaining whether it’s through her music or as a personality. But there is more to her than the bubbly person we see on social media and television. Akbar V checked in with JaGurl TV to talk about her new single, why she left Love and Hip Hop, having the anointing from God, and new goals as an artist.

“Before I make moves I pray, and everything worked out.”

-Akbar V

When the Queen of Atlanta was asked about her anointing from God, she opened up about her gift and how she blesses her fans with prayers from the heart. Akbar explains she made that connection with God at a young age while attending church with her aunt. She knew she had a gift when she was seven years old, and uses it to pour into her supporters.

“I came from that background, and if it ain’t going right, pray. If something is bothering you, pray.” She opened up about coping with hardships throughout life, and how growing up prayer helped her. “I give my testimony to the people, and I tell them what he did for me!” said Akbar as she passionately talked about her annotating and journey.

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Growing up her influences are a long list of 90s R&b legends such as TLC, Mary J. Blige, and Mya. And she gave praise to Nicki Minaj for influencing her own music and adding a new flavor to the game.

“She had her run, she’s the dopiest, I love Nicki, that’s my favorite rapper, she’s my idol, I look up to her,” Akbar continues, “a lot of people think just because you love Nicki so much you didn’t like Lil’ Kim or you didn’t like other rappers but it’s not true, it’s just like, Nicki came and shut that shit down”.

With those influences and inspirations, she felt 2021 was the perfect time to take her career to the next level. Her new single “Right Now,” was released at the perfect time to reflect the new chapter in her life since leaving the Vh1 hit reality TV show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

“As you know, I left Love and Hip Hop because I just didn’t want it to be where I’m ‘drama fide’. You know they say one thing in the meetings, and the next the producers are telling you to do this or do that.” After debating with her team, she knew it was time to close that chapter of her life, “I just choose to have faith”.

After signing a deal last October to InnerCat Music that would enhance her talents as an artist, she says her time is now. “This is my time because God said it was, and he ain’t a God that lies to me” she continues, “This is the year that I’m gonna prosper with my music because I’m going full throttle with it, my energy is towards it”

As an artist, she plans to drop singles that will lead to her album in the future as she plans to work other artist organically for her new passion project.

Written By: Tamari Palmer and Ravin Williams