Kevin Hart Invests in Sports Nutrition Market with Nutrabolt

Kevin Hart, Ride Along Red Carpet Premiere, Sydney Australia

When sports nutrition company Nutrabolt began its search for an investor and brand ambassador, it didn’t have to search for long. Kevin Hart, actor and comedian, proved to be the right fit, having committed to a healthy lifestyle after a near-fatal car crash in September 2019. Our article on Hart’s recovery process details that the comedian decided to exercise and change his diet after recovering from his fractures and injuries. Rather than following a strict diet, Hart is following a nutritious, personalized diet and encourages others to experiment and to stick to a diet that works for them. And this latest investment move is just the natural next step to his healthy resolution.

“This isn’t one foot in, one foot out.”

-Kevin Hart

Nutrabolt recently announced Hart’s investment in the company, made through his private investment firm, though the financial terms were not indicated. However, Hart did state that he will be a brand ambassador and that he will create exclusive content for the brand’s C4 products, on top of being one of the company’s investors. Kevin Hart uses Nutrabolt’s C4 products daily, and he believes that partnering with Nutrabolt is a good decision since he can attest the effectiveness of the C4 line. For him, it’s not just another promo opportunity. “This isn’t one foot in, one foot out,” he said in an interview. “This is really about merging my real lifestyle with a product that I genuinely use.”

The C4 brand is only one of the sports nutrition product lines that Nutrabolt offers. The company, which was formed in 2002, produces sports nutrition products as well as energy drinks. Nutrabolt is recognized as an industry leader when it comes to sports nutrition because they are able to cater to athletes, everyday gym-goers, and fitness buffs by creating more than a protein drink. Thus, they were able to become the world’s largest independent sports nutrition brand that retails on Amazon, Walmart, Costco, and 7-Eleven.

In fact, the company’s retail sales from the C4 beverage line increased by 163% in 2020, and that they reached nearly $650 million from sales last year.

A celebrated career and meaningful investments

Hart describes his portfolio as “well diverse,” but the same can be said about him as well. Hart, is a top poker player and a regular at charity poker tournaments, as well as the highest paid comedian in the world — and he’s come a long, long way since his first comedy tour in 2009. Today, Hart has films, TV shows, hosting gigs, music, poker wins, and even a modeling career under his belt, and his investment portfolio reflects his well-rounded resume.

Aside from Nutrabolt, the multi-talented entertainer has also made a number of different investments over the past years. In 2019, he joined Patrick Schwarzenegger, Justin Bieber, Usher, and more celebrities in investing $5 million in Liquid I.V., a wellness brand that makes hydration drink mix packets. He also joined Jay-Z and other NFL stars last year in investing $20 million in Hungry Series B, a startup that aims to support independent chefs in the US.

Kevin Hart is a successful career man and investor, which is why he also wants to share his financial learnings to his community. In an episode in The Joe Rogan Experience, Hart stated the importance of being a good example to the black community. He highlighted that kids in the black community are not being taught how to operate financially and how to invest for their future. He stated that, growing up, nobody in his community would talk about ownership, mortgages, investments, and stocks.

Thus, one of his key business decisions has been to partner up with JPMorgan Chase in launching the program Advancing Black Pathways. This partnership provides support for the black community when it comes to education, career, business, and personal finance. After achieving financial and career success, Hart finds it important to provide resources that will also help others to achieve success, too. And maybe someday, more black entrepreneurs can build and invest in businesses like Nutrabolt.