Arrogant Tae and Lala Anthony Slays Hair in the Master Class Experience of a Lifetime


Dionte Gray aka Arrogant Tae is the hair stylist that has taken social media by storm. The hair artist has racked up a clientele that includes Nicki Minaj, Ari Fletcher, Jt from the City Girls, Dream Doll, Kylie Jenner, Lala Anthony, and many more. His influence has reached far and wide as he has been mentioned in the hit Drake and Lil Durk’s song “Laugh Now Cry Later,” with the lyrics, “we in Atlanta I buy her a wig, she’s telling me Tae is the best.” Well the best is sharing his skills with the world with a new project he has been working on for over a year now. 

Long term friends Tae and Lala Anthony are launching the Tae X La Masterclass to give people the tips and tricks of the game. Lala stated “I really pushed him to do this. I really pushed him because you know, he’s so amazing at what he does. Actually, he is the best at what he does. So I’m really trying to walk him through the entrepreneurial side of his craft and how he can really turn this into a full business.” For those who keep up with Tae we know he keeps his craft at a certain level of exclusivity.

You can tell Tae has a high level of respect for Lala as well. “You know how you always see someone growing up and come to admire them? That’s how I felt about Lala. So then to actually be right there with her in real life, it was like damn, I really made it. I love and respect her so much, she’s been around my family and I’ve been around hers,” Tae kindly said about Lala. 

The class includes an opportunity for 5 lucky fans to get a photoshoot with a makeover by Fashion Nova, which give men and woman an opportunity to feel beautiful. In the end everyone is a winner as Tae teaches how to do a full wig install, lay baby hairs/edges, and how to create a natural hairline. Students can take these tricks and mix it with their own style. 

What makes this class so unique? Lala stated, “I’m the one asking the questions. So often when a hairstylist is in their zone, they’re so serious. But with this, he’ll have to explain everything to me which will help the viewers learn even more.

The March 7th masterclass was a successful event for all those involved. Watch some behind the scenes footage below: