Atlanta Has a New Rising Star: Kali Cass


Born April 27th, 1995 in Atlanta Georgia, Kali Cass is bringing a unique sound, with a fun energetic personality to the hip hop scene. Graduating from Fayette County High School in 2013, this Georgia peach is crafting her ‘Sadiddy Trap’ musical sound making her the hottest up and coming female rapper out of the south. Her single “Handle It” featuring the City Girls now has over 1 million streams on all streaming platforms. Kali Cass is currently signed to Special Entertainment. Who is Kali Cass? JaGurl TV had an interview with Kali Cass before her big show debut for Super Bowl LIV weekend at Vewtopia Music Festival opening up for Carbi B, Migos, Megan Thee Stallion, Chris Brown and more.

JaGurl TV: When did you start doing music?

Kali Cass: I been doing music for about four years.

JaGurl TV: What sparked your interest in music? What was your inspiration?

Kali: I actually started in modeling when I was like fourteen and then I went from modeling into acting and I just been doing acting for a while and acting actually transpired into music. When I was just in the studio, a lot with my friends and I really started liking music cause it gave me the freedom to express myself the way I wanted to without having it be a script from the directors vision. So from that point I was like ‘Man I can say what I want hold on I’m liking this’ and that’s where it all started.

JaGurl TV: What year would you say you really started doing music?

Kali Cass: 2016

JaGurl TV: So how did your record “Handle It” with City Girls come about?

Kali Cass: I was just in the studio and I noticed that a lot of remakes were doing very well in the industry. Like everyone’s sampling music so me and my producer was just playing around and thinking of all the hits we had growing up. A couple of them that came up was like Waka Flocka, Ying Yang Twins of course and I wound up choosing Ying Yang Twins’ “Salt Shaker” song. So I sampled that and I just went in that same night and wound up finishing the song. Then I sent it to my manager, Special, and he was like I know the perfect people who would be great on this track. So, he sent it over to P at QC and then like two weeks later the City Girls was on the track. 

JaGurl TV: Do you and the City Girls plan on doing a video?

Kali Cass: Yea. Hopefully we can get it locked down. 

JaGurl TV: Are there any other artists that you look forward to collaborating with?

Kali Cass: Um, yea there is. I would like to collaborate with like maybe Cardi. I think Cardi’s cool. I like Danileigh and I like Billie Eilish. Those are probably my three picks.

JaGurl TV: Do you have any other song releases coming up, your EP or tour?

Kali Cass: My main focus is my Super Bowl LIV performance coming up on January 31st and February 1st. I do plan on being on two tours starting in March, and I do plan on releasing a EP this year and new music within the next month. 

JaGurl TV: Congratulations on your show! Is there anything else you want the fans to know? 

Kali Cass: I just want them to know that 2020 they about to hear some bangers, and they about to see who Kali Cass really is.