Barbie Release Limited Edition Dolls Honoring Shonda Rhimes and Other Trailblazers


Barbie released their first official deduct doll back in March 1959 , and has been elevating what they are representing with their brand. For International Women’s day they have honored 12 trailblazing women; one of them being the iconic Shonda Rhimes. Barbie has committed to help build confidence and help girls everywhere know there is limitless potential in everyone.

Shonda Rhimes is a television producer, screenwriter and an all around media icon. Her doll is the head Barbie for the global campaign. Rhimes is focusing on innovation and is approaching this campaign with storytelling through brand partnerships, content for film, audio, digital and editorial.

This global campaign is to inspire the next generation of dreamers and leaders featuring women such as Lena Mahfouf a French blogger , and Adriana Azuara is in the wellness industry and has more than 100 wellness centers in Mexico and Central America. Amongst these impactful women is Pat Mcgrath British make up artist and many more amazing women.

With this campaign Barbie is showing more female role models through this first ever global Barbie Dream Gap Project with a partnership with Inspiring Girls International. They are definitely connecting with young girls who are the future of the world.

The partnership will include a launch of a curated shop for diverse, female founded brands. This will be featuring different things such as limited edition, giftable products in fashion and celebrating Barbie with an NFT art collection.