Jennifer Freeman Announces Podcast Launch in 2021


In the mist of starring in three Christmas films this year, actress Jennifer Freeman is launching her own podcast based on her self-love journey and book titled Journey to Loving Yourself.

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Freeman’s self-love journey started at one of the hardest moments of her life.

“I went through a divorce,” Freeman explains to JaGurl TV, ” I wanted to take responsibility for the part I played in the marriage not working out, it’s easy to blame another person. You need to take responsibility for yourself, so I did that…I wanted to really work on myself and getting to the root of why I had the issues that I had, I really was depressed, I had a lot of hurts …even before my marriage… I wanted to allow myself the freedom, and the space, and the time to be able to heal properly.”

During her journey, Freeman found that she was not living her fullest life.

“In that process and that journey,” says Freeman. “I discovered so much about myself, I hadn’t been living the fullest that I thought I could be living. I mean I had just been kind of existing, I was numb, I had done a lot of things to numb myself.”

Freeman used various resources to help her find fulfillment in her life which led her to her deeper purpose.

“I read devotionals,” explains the actress. “I read like every resource that I could find. Obviously, my relationship with go was completely strengthened and stretched at this time.”

“Devotionals really helped me,” Freeman continues. “And I think when God brings you through things that you share them with someone else. And not let like shame or not wanting to share your story because of what you think other people might think about you stop you from really helping the next person.”

Freeman’s Journey to Loving Yourself led to the launch of her podcast, Be Free.

“As I talk to more people on their journey of self-love and depression and anxiety and suicide, all the things that we all struggle with in life,” the actress says. “I really wanted to use my platform to be able to tell my story in hopes to help someone else who can relate to anything that I’ve been through so that they can know that they can overcome those things too.”

The podcast Be Free will focus on the way that Freeman found freedom. She will also share tools and resources to help others find freedom within their own lives.

Understanding that there will be good and bad days, Freeman uses daily affirmations as a way to battle her depression.

“The most important thing that you can do is be aware of what you’re saying about yourself,” the actress explains. “There’s so much coming at us with social media, with messaging in media or even television, just so many things. But those thing only have power if you come into agreement with them. Your voice is the most important voice in your life and you have to make sure that it is louder than all of the other ones and that it is saying the right things.”

Freeman’s podcast Be Free is set to release in early January. Her book to Journey to Love Yourself is available now.