Cardi B Releases Vodka Infused Whipped Cream with 10% Alcohol


Cardi B continues to make boss strides with her latest business venture, non-dairy vodka-infused whipped cream. Whipshots launched December 1st releasing 500 cans for purchase and has already sold out! With just three flavors on the market; vanilla, mocha, and caramel, Cardi B has managed to take a normal drink to the next level.

While crafting her favorite drinks with CMO of Whipshots, Rob Floyd, Cardi B describes the reason for the different sizes of cans which serves its own purpose. The small can is “if you want to taste it, try it out, have a good time, really fast”. The medium is for intimate settings. “If you want to have company over.” The largest can is for “the big big parties.”

She continuously urges consumers to be responsible because this isn’t your ordinary whipped cream. “It’s 10% alcohol. It’s not like whipped cream. No, this might be stronger than your vodka you’re going to put it on.” Cardi B tells fans.

“I’m excited about this product. When you think about whipped cream and holidays you think about eggnog, chocolate, hot chocolate and this coming at the beginning of December for a reason.” Spice up your holiday gatherings this year with Whipshots.

Moreover, Cardi has changed the game bringing a new addition to holiday cocktails. Every day, Whipshots will release 500 cans to the public for adults to enjoy this season! Drink responsibly.

To watch the full video of recipes for the Money Moves Mocha, Naughty or Nice, Cardi Clause, and The Resolution cocktails, click here.