Carla G Releases New Single “Yo N****” Accompanied by Hype Music Video


Let us introduce you to self proclaimed “certified taste maker in music”, Carla G. This young rapper and entrepreneur has just released her latest single “Yo N****” and the raving has all to do with her confidence and erotic bars. The Chicago native is making her mark across the states and we would absolutely love for her latest track to be featured on your platform.

Coming from a family full of musical talent, Carla G says it’s now or never since leaving school to pursue her God given talent in music. While
many are well versed in the propaganda that the newest women of rap has started, the game changer known as Carla G has emerged with a new sound. The Chicagoan rhymes with thirst worthy lyrics, compelling choices in apparel, and a demeanor that could only be implemented by the baddest female walking. With raunchy descriptions and a tongue that spits out fire, Carla G’s lyricism and flow on the beat is unmatched. From entrepreneurship to this Def Jam Rap competition 2x winner, her forthcoming single “Yo N****” is really going to show the world how she moves “Like a Boss”.

Watch and listen to Carla G’s new single below: