Cartoon Network Partners With Black-owned Animation Studio To Launch Awards Show Honoring Black Animators


Cartoon Network Studios is partnering with animation house, Black Women Animate, to establish the Black in Animation Awards Show. 

Black Women Animate is powered by black female talent across the animation pipeline with a mission-driven animation studio that creates original content and offers production services to the industry’s top studios and production companies. 

The show will be hosted by Grammy Award winning Artist, Estelle, the founders of ‘Black Women Animate’ JLove Calderón and Taylor Shaw, who will also be in attendance. The show will recognize black creatives who have demonstrated excellent projects and show dedication to producing animation content.  

“This is a time to celebrate and honor Black creatives who often do not get the recognition that they deserve within the media industry,” said JLove Calderón, the managing partner of Black Women Animate. “Many Black animators have been doing this work for so long and are often overshadowed. This awards show will not only pay respect to them but also inspire the next wave of future Black animators, producers, and creatives alike,” she says in a CNN article.

The Founder and CEO of the company Taylor stated, “When JLove and I came up with the idea, we were surprised to learn that there wasn’t already a platform to celebrate Black animators yet.” She goes on to say, “This is so important in this moment because we have had a very challenging year, and this year for Black people especially, has not been the easiest. As we think about the way this country and the entertainment industry is going, it’s even more critical that Black folks are being centered and honored for our contributions to the media and animation industry.”

The online award show will premier Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Viewers have to register to watch the show on BWA’s website.