Chance The Rapper is the New Host for PUNK’D Reboot

GURNEE, IL - JUNE 21: Chance the Rapper attends the Great Wolf Lodge Illinois grand opening celebration at Great Wolf Lodge Illinois on June 21, 2018 in Gurnee, Illinois. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Punk’d was a one of a kind reality television show that took cameras behind the scenes with celebrities to show their candid reactions to the most unusual pranks. Originally hosted by Ashton Kutcher, the show ran for 10 seasons. Chance the Rapper announced at the Pre-Grammy’s Gala that he will be hosting the reboot. He said that on the show everything will be different and that there are no rules. The Chicago native who began rapping in the sixth grade added that he has a good rapport with so many people, so they don’t stay mad at him. 

“It’s a fun show, we have an awesome crew that works on it. We try and go bigger and bigger every time”, Chance said. He went on to say that one of the guests that viewers can expect to see in a future episode is Migos rapper, Offset. One video on his Instagram page shows Houston rapper, Megan The Stallion, also getting punk’d. There are about 20 episodes expected to begin airing this April. The show will not be on MTV this time around but instead has been picked up by Quibi, a new streaming platform designed for mobile phones. Last week, Chance tweeted the announcement saying “I got a new job. I’m hosting PUNK’D on @Quibi NO ONE IS SAFE”

According to The Telegraph, Quibi which is short for “Quick bites” has the backing of Hollywood studios and big investors. “The mobile exclusive video-streaming platform will specialize in original 10-odd-minute episodes of TV, film and documentaries (and more).” With a new generation of celebrities to punk and a new host, there are sure to be great surprises. Chance will have his hand in executive producing the show. The original shows final episode of Punk’d was on May 29, 2007, thirteen years ago.