Grown-ish stars Chloe X Halle talk about Self Love and Relationship Spoilers for Season 3


Season 3 of Freeform’s ‘Grown-ish‘ has premiered, and in a recent ESSENCE interview singers, Chloe X Halle discusses the relationships on the show and their personal stance on love.

“Season three is definitely a huge whirlwind for both Jaz and Sky, my sister and I’s characters,” Chloe Bailey told ESSENCE. “Where it got left off last was when Jaz asked Doug to wait for her so she can focus on her track and her career and bettering herself so we just have to see where it goes from there. That’ll be really interesting to see if Doug can wait.”

In the trailer, it’s suggested that Chloe’s character Jaz and Diggy Simmons character Doug may be parting ways. This storyline is relatable to many college students and young adults who have been through the waiting and uncertainty of a relationship during tough times.

When ESSENCE asked the actress about their personal love life and the lessons they’ve learned along the way at their young ages Chloe X Halle dropped some gems on self-love.

“For me, I keep hearing it’s very important to learn to love you first and how self-love is so very important when it comes to a loving relationship and it feels like now I’m really starting to resonate with that advice,” said Halle Bailey, she continues “It’s so important, especially as I venture into my relationships and love and getting lost in the amazingness and struggles of it all. It is very important to remember to love yourself first and know that you are the prize and you are important.”

Older sister Chloe had a different lesson she learned from love saying, “Mine would have to be not to expect too much from people so that you’re not let down so hard, and what you do expect out of other people, see that within yourself,” then she related back to her sister’s opinion saying, “If I make myself happy, I don’t need to put that on someone else,” she adds. “I can just find someone who adds to me in a way — doesn’t make me happy, but I’m happy when I’m with them.”