Christina Milian Opens Up About the ‘Prayer’ That Manifested Her Husband


Actress, singer and songwriter Christina Millian shares her enticing adventure into including more love into her life and how she maintains this love, happiness, and her physique. In an interview with Page Six, Milian was quick to let it be known that Ciara isn’t the only one with the magical love prayer. “Just like Ciara I actually prayed on it,” Milian contiunes, “prayers are real and honestly if you think it, you believe it. It was something that I was seeking in my life to just have a partner that was a good person in my life as well as prepared to be a good step father”

Millian joked that although she had some personal reservations and wants with her initial choosing process, allowing God to work his magic indeed proved to net her ultimate catch in her husband, Matthieu Tota. “I wasn’t necessarily praying for a person. I prayed that a person would come but I mostly put God first and said ‘hey, you are the man in my life, set me up so that I’m doing the best job as a mom for my daughter, and then bring what’s supposed to come’”. 

She shared that her initial ‘husband wanted’ search had some pre-requisites leaning toward a partner who can assist with balancing the everyday maneuverings of life and love with children and being a sturdy foundation within themselves. However, she has been pleasantly blown away by how much her husband, Tota, has exceeded her previous expectations. The new beau is remarkable at balancing both himself and Milian as he plays a notably welcomed supporting role in being a father to their child, Isaiah Tota, and Kenna Tota