Disney Releases the Official Trailer for the Live Action Remake of “Lion King”


The official trailer for the Lion King remake has finally dropped and the kid in all of us is jumping with joy today as we relive the iconic moments, characters, and music we know and love from this film.

The opening of the trailer begins with the entrance of the young Simba and Nyla as they are slowly ambushed by Simba’s Uncle Scar and the pack of laughing hyenas while also teasing a few other iconic scenes, including Simba and his father King Mufasa on Pride Rock and even Timon and Pumbaa singing, “Hakuna Matata.”

The film that is set to premiere everywhere July 19th is already gaining a lot of attention not only because of the popularity of the original animated film, but also because of the star power the new cast has.

Major stars such as Beyonce, Donald Glover, and Seth Rogan have been casted to play the roles of some of the most iconic characters of the movie. Many, including us at JaGurlTV, are excited to see what twist these stars put on the legendary film’s characters and what Disney’s new remake has to offer the world of live action movies.

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