Ebony ‘Risky’ Avery and Dj Holiday Believe Black Love Still Exists


With 7 years of marriage, and over 15 years of friendship, I think it’s safe to say Ebony ‘Risky’ Avery (entrepreneur and former reality tv star) and Dj Holiday (radio personally and mixtape legend) are marriage goals! The two attended the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards in style representing real authentic black love.

The two have relaunched their podcast ‘Dinner With the Averys’ with clips of the show going viral on TikTok.


Is this considered cheating or a feeling of betrayal in relationships? I think so.. lol #cheater #cheating #snowfall #dwta #dinnerwiththeaverys #podcast #podcastclips #podcasttopics #relationships

♬ original sound – Eb

“The podcast gives us a chance to show a side of us that people may not know existed. It also gives us a chance be open and real and give them an inside look at our lives and how even though we are so much alike, we have different opinions and views and we can agree to disagree on topics without it causing issues.” says Ebony.

With over 60 episodes, the Podcast is filled with laughs, truths, and real relationship advice. “I have so many outlets and platforms I’m apart of and have built for myself like my “holiday Season” mixtape brand and my radio shows and concert series,” says Dj Holiday, “she’s so important to me, and my family is such a major part in my life it was only right that we share this side of our life  as well, people always want to know how we met and why we work so we’ll, she’s basically been my real friend for years and it’s a real treat to create something with her that I can add to my brand that I enjoy doing just as much as my music stuff!”

Check out Dinner With the Averys podcast HERE and catch Dj Holiday at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards Tuesday October 10th on BET.