EmpowHer Holds Sassy and Classy Mother’s Day Brunch


Stephanie Jester is so much more than rap Futures mother. She is a businesswoman, broker and entrepreneur dedicated to uplifting and empowering women. 

EmpowHer is a non-profit organization with a mission to “help women win”. On May 7th, Stephanie Jester, founder, hosted her 2022 Sassy and Classy Mother’s Day Brunch where all attendees dressed to the nines in all white. Ms. Jester sat down with JaGurl TV and explained her inspiration behind launching EmpowHer, “What I enjoy is celebrating other women, I enjoy inspiring, encouraging, and building the next woman. And a lot of times, women are not celebrated, as a mom, a grandma, an auntie, women wear so many hats. But sometimes the things we do as a woman go missing.” 

While encouraging women to tap into their power, Ms. Jester gifted attendees with her son, Futures new fragrance “Sinsational” that will have an official release by the end of May. This new cologne will only be available online. The women who were present at the brunch were the first to ever receive “Sinsational” and help kick off marketing! 


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Mother’s Day has passed but women will continue to be empowered and cheered with the help of EmpowHer. One takeaway is “We all have pasts. So one thing I do believe is that, your past don’t dictate your future,” Stephanie says. As women, we must push through adversity and find our power.