Lebron James & Adam Sandler Release Trailer To Latest Netflix Film, Hustle


Adam Richard Sandler is an American comedian, actor, and filmmaker. This multi-award-winning superstar collaborates with NBA superstar Lebron James and Netflix as the official trailer for James’ new movie, Hustle, releases today. 

The film will serve as a Lebron James-produced basketball movie starring  Sandler, Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall, and Ben Foster. Among its premise, Sandler portrays a down-trodden Philadelphia 76ers scout, Stanley Sugarman, who takes a gamble in discovering a rocky upstart of a basketball player with vast and yet untapped potential and cultivating him and the team for the NBA. 

The preview teaser trailer sees Sugarman expressing his longing to become someone of considerable importance. The official premiere for the film will release on June 8, 2022, where viewers can stream the magic exclusively on Netflix.