EXCLUSIVE: Asianae Talks New Single ‘Crab Legs’ and More


JaGurl TV sat down with Atlanta born and raised rapper/singer/influencer Asianae to discussed her new single “Crab Legs” and the inspiration behind creating the song. Currently signed to Break’em Off Records, Asianae let us know the record was a vibe in which she was in the studio just “talking sh*t” and that’s when it all came together. Although, she does let us know that she genuinely does love crab legs!

Prior to Crab Legs, Asianae released her single “Dumb” earlier this year in June that tells the story of how some women can become so into a guy that she goes out of her mind over him. “For me, I’m real big on intuition, I’m real big on energy so I knew. But I was just mind f*cked by him. But you know it’s a one and done for that!” Asianae says after reflecting on a time when she was put into that position over a guy.

Starting off with 40k on Instagram, and then skyrocketing to reaching over 100k and the video for Dumb reaching 130,000 views, we had to know what that was like for Asianae. “It felt great though, seeing the numbers go up on YouTube is confirmation that I’m in the right direction in my life.” Although Asianae is a new artist with one year in the games, she’s no stranger to the music industry. Her father does AD’ing for music videos. Asianae let us know that rapping was just a hobby for her in the beginning, “but now, I’m on a roller coaster” .

Asianae spilled some tea on an upcoming project she’s in the works of, “Mermaid Gang Monday’s” every other Monday. It will feature freestyles over old school songs.

We had to know what was next for Asianae.”Well, what I can say coming up we do have some hard songs, we have some features with some household names, more visuals and just more insight on Asianae so you guys can really see who I am and what I’m about, where I came from and so we can understand, I am just like you.”

Be on the lookout for more from Asianae. Watch the full interview here on JaGurl TV!