EXCLUSIVE: Lala Milan is Launching A Podcast Called ‘The Salon with Lala Milan’


“I just can’t wait for people to see me or hear me in that light,” comedian and Instagram influencer Lala Milan proudly said.

Milan went on Instagram Live to announce a new fun project she is working on. Following her desires of being on radio, she announced that she will soon be dropping her own podcast.

The Salon with Lala Milan is her version of the staple in the Black community, the “beauty salon.” In this space she welcomes a revolving door of guests to share their unfiltered perspectives about sex, situationships, getting to the bag, latest beauty trends and everything in between. According to the Apple Music description, nothing is off limits in this salon.

“Its funny because I never realized how popular podcast were until I started doing my research before I got into creating mine. Once I realized it was a whole different lane I was just like, you know what Ive always wanted to do radio,” said Milan.

She continued, “God is good because when I was coming up I wanted to do podcasts. I wanted to do radio and no one wanted to offer me a job to radio until I started getting super popular and at that time I was like why would I sit in a studio 24/7 when I can have it on my own time. So that’s exactly what I did.”

Stay tuned as October 5, 2020 is the first official drop date for the podcast on all platforms. Milan admitted that The Salon with Lala Milan will be a space where she will be getting personal with listeners about her dating life, friends and more, revealing a new side of this talented woman.