Fly Guy DC Talks Success, Being named ‘The Goat’ and More


Atlanta Georgia is becoming the ‘Black Hollywood’, making it the mega hub for bright rising stars. Radio personality, host, and influencer Audley “Fly Guy DC” Feemster Jr. is definitely one of those stars.

Born October 2nd, 1991 in Washington DC, Fly Guy DC grew up in Atlanta Georgia where he attended Morrow High School. In 2013, Feemster transferred from Middle Georgia to Clark Atlanta University where he graduated in 2016 with honors majoring in Criminal Justice.

Fast forward a few years later and Fly Guy DC is now the biggest host and radio personality in the south east. You can listen to him Monday through Friday on Streetz 94.5 in Atlanta Georgia from 6pm-10pm on Dem 404 Boyz show. JaGurl TV had an exclusive interview with Fly Guy DC to talk more about his road into success, and the motivations that keep him going.

Interviewer: Who is Fly Guy DC?

Fly Guy DC: “Oh man where should I start. Fly Guy DC is a Renaissance man. Fly Guy DC is an influencer, a young man who was raised in a single parent home. The oldest of five, the first to graduate in the family. A great role model to my siblings, a great role model to my family, a role model to kids all across the state of Georgia from middle school kids to elementary school kids to high school kids. Fly Guy DC is one of the top radio personalities in the state of Georgia & in the world. Fly Guy DC is the top event host in the state of Georgia, Southeast Region, and One Of The Best Of The Best, The G.O.A.T. Fly Guy DC just overall is a well groomed, phenomenal guy.”

Interviewer: On your Instagram page you label yourself as ‘The G.O.A.T.’. Where did you receive the name ‘The Goat’? Did someone give you that name?

Fly Guy DC: “Um actually yes. It came maybe I want to say 2015/2016 people were calling me the G.O.A.T., DJ Marc B (21 Savage’s DJ) and a lot of other people on social media began comparing me to the acronym, G.O.A.T. (The Greatest Of All Time). Now at the time I didn’t believe that I was. I was very confident in my capabilities but I did not think I was “The G.O.A.T.” of my field. In 2017, more people started to gravitate to it and calling me the goat. When Ferrari  and I got our radio show (Dem 404 Boyz), mind you Ferrari Simmons is a host, so Ferrari did everything I did as a host and for him to do the things I do as a host and then tell me I’m the G.O.A.T. of hosting it was like wow! So from there I ran with it and at that time plenty of people were calling me the G.O.A.T. but when I took it and embraced it that’s when it happened even more it just became part of my brand, Fly Guy DC, The Goat Goat Goatieeeee.”

Interviewer: I know radio was not something that you planned on doing but you did make that transition from host into radio. What was the factor that played into you saying yes and entering the field of radio?

Fly Guy DC: “The biggest factor in me going for radio was all about expanding my brand. My first interaction with it was when I first started hosting the CEO of the Core Communicator Broadcasting, Steve reached out to me. Steve had commented on one of my instagram posts and was basically like, email me. He then gave me his email and I emailed him but he never emailed me back. This was like late 2013 early 2014. With me emailing him and him not emailing me back it made me want to go harder because I did not hear from him or the radio station after I emailed him for like two years. So it was like damn you asked me to email you, I email you and you don’t get back to me. So it just made me upgrade my grind and go that much harder. On top of that everyone used to tell me that in this field you need to have a mentor. In this field, everyone has had a mentor and for me that’s where I’m different, I have yet to have had a mentor. It made me want to go even harder because now I’m going to do it without guidance.  Fast forward, remember Steve (DC chuckles) he finally emailed me back. He asked me to come into the station and in my head I knew I wanted to be on the radio at that point but I didn’t make it overly eager to him, so when the opportunity presented itself, I replied, let me think about it, I am going to get back to you but in my head I already knew I wanted to be on the radio but I had to play chess not checkers.

Interviewer: I hear you spoke about mentors, do you currently have any? I know you didn’t have any in the beginning but what about now? Would you say you have certain people who you go to now in this point of your career?

Fly Guy DC: “Um no to be completely honest I don’t have mentors. I have people who try to give me their advice and people who try to come around now, but I wouldn’t consider those mentors. I mean a mentor to me is someone who has been there since the beginning. I’m not going to say I can’t be mentored but it’s very rare. I wouldn’t use that word for someone who is trying to be around now because a mentor watched me grow. There’s not been one person in my life right now as far as a mentor who has been there. So people who come now I listen to their advice but I don’t take it as a mentor I take it as someone one who is giving me advice with their experience. Everybody’s story is different, nobody’s process is the same, in my case it wasn’t needed to progress but someone else may feel different and want that guidance.”

Interviewer: Okay so is it clear to say that you agree that you don’t need a mentor to be successful?

Fly Guy DC: I highly agree that you don’t need a mentor to be successful.

Interviewer: Recently AT&T selected you as one of the Atlanta influencers for their Area Code campaign. How did that partnership come about?

Fly Guy DC: “Man, I was actually contacted by Jah who is the Founder of AEBL. He reached out about AT&T doing an influencer campaign repping the city, he said “Yo, AT&T is doing a campaign, I submitted your name and they’re highly interested.” So I didn’t think that it was real, I mean anytime Jah brings anything to my attention it’s real but it’s AT&T so I’m like okay nah, in a little disbelief. So when I met with them for the first time and I met with the lady from the marketing agency over it and she was just like “Yeah out of everybody we were sent we were highly interested in you.”  From there it was just history.  The campaign was open to various influencers in this market like Cam Kirk, Pinky Cole, Domani Harris, OG Parker and more. We each individually executed our photo shoots showcasing our favorite hot spot of the city. I chose an undeniable staple to the A, The Varsity. This landmark rings ATL so I thought why not.  Completing the shoot the whole AT&T marketing staff was pleased with my images and that felt so unreal. I was just like wow this is incredible, this is dope. Like I said that was an incredible campaign like they had my face everywhere and I did not have to come out of pocket  not a dime; I’m talking about billboards, bus shelter stops, I’m in the MARTA train stops, I’m on restaurant TV’s. To be selected for this campaign was an honor.”

Interviewer: I know you recently spoke at the Revolt Summit here in Atlanta. Did you meet Diddy and if so what was that conversation like with him?

Fly Guy DC: “Yes, REVOLT! I met Diddy before the Revolt Summit actually, and the first time I met Diddy was in Compound Nightclub. I was hosting Compound and he was there. I don’t know if you remember when Diddy took to social media stating people only stand around in Atlanta clubs and don’t dance…. Well that was not the case with me hosting, I had Diddy doing the Diddy bop (laughs Fly Guy DC), he was lit. I’m talking smiling, phone out, recording on his Instagram. So every time I ran into him after that it was good energy. I mean I have always been literally right beside him when hosting and the vibes have been incredible. Diddy had fun and I mean no one was standing around, everybody was partying and I actually have a video of me and Diddy and he was pointing at me like, “yo this the man”. So for him to say what he said about Atlanta clubs and then me change his opinion that’s when I first met him.  So REVOLT Summit ATL, I met him again, We didn’t share too many words but when I seen him at Gold Room that Friday for the Revolt party, and it was the same type of energy. Back to the Summit though it was dope, incredible I hosted the Welcome to Atlanta opening concert for the summit alongside DJ Drama. I rocked the crowd there were performances from Quality Controls’ Renni Rucci, Kollision, Jack Harlow of Generation Now + Lil Pump and more. During the concert I had the crowd pay respects to the late Great Nipsey Hussle, as he’s important to the hip-hop culture and I feel like who better to host the Welcome to ATL concert other than the Goat Goat Goatieee (Fly Guy DC chuckles). 

Interviewer: So I know a guy like you has to stay motivated. What are some steps that you take to help you stay focused, help you stay grounded, and help you stay motivated?

Fly Guy DC: “I mean the first thing that helps me keep grounded is just as quick as everything comes, God can take it away. So I might seem cocky to the masses or to people who really don’t know me I might seem cocky; but if you know me, I do certain stuff just because but like I’m very grounded cause like I said as quick as the hosting came, as quick as I’ve become who I’ve become it can easily be taken away. So I don’t take any of that for granted; like I wake up every morning and thank God before I go to sleep I say a prayer. The “little stuff” like that that keep me grounded and motivated. My family  plays a role in me being grounded too, they keep me motivated and me just doing everything I’m doing in the community. Seeing the faces of kids and being able to inspire them keeps me motivated. For instance, when I go into schools for career day and ask the kids what they want to be or I would tell them what I do and everything everybody would have their Oh I want to be a basketball player, oh I want to be a doctor, I wanna be this, I wanna be that and at the end of me telling them all what I do, and everything I ask them again like; “What do you want to be and I hear the whole classroom full of kids say – I wanna be like Fly Guy DC, I wanna be like you” that right there is bigger than any dollar amount. Those are my biggest motivations. Don’t get me wrong, the money is quick, the money is easy in this industry and in this field, money of course is going to keep anybody motivated. But to be realistic, little stuff like that keeps me going and going and going because at any given point them kids I changed their day. I changed their mindset and now they can go back home and tell their parents about me it’s a trickle effect.”

Interviewer: That’s what’s up and that’s very inspirational too especially with kids because for a kid to say they look up to you is a lot so I definitely commend you for that. 

Fly Guy DC: Thanks, I appreciate that, just hearing and reflecting back on so many videos of me walking into the classrooms and before I even open my mouth I be like “Yo what do y’all want to be when y’all get older?” and at the end of the videos all you hear is we want to be like you! We want to be like you! Like it is just amazing!

Interviewer: What are three things that are on your bucket list that you say you are looking forward to accomplishing? Maybe tapping into acting or something else you see yourself doing that you would like to accomplish. 

Fly Guy DC: Of course TV is on my bucket list. I wouldn’t say acting yet, more of a Television host or TV personality. Number two on my bucket list is to travel more, I love to travel! I’ve done a lot of social gigs out of town but just more traveling and enjoying life overallNumber three on my bucket list, man that’s tough, number three on my bucket list would be to host the BET Awards or some type of awards on that caliber. 

Interviewer: Now would this be on the carpet or this would be the actual award show?

Fly Guy DC: Um either one would be cool to be honest. The carpet, would be dope but I’m always thinking bigger too. If the opportunity presents itself I wouldn’t turn it down but I’d love to be on the main stage one day! 

Interviewer: Right exactly, and you want to accomplish something you could look forward to and I think something like that to host the actual award show would be dope for sure.

Interviewer: Okay second to last question, what’s your favorite quote?

Fly Guy DC: “Staying humble is key” and “What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained” those are my favorite two quotes. 

Interviewer: Is there anything else you want us to know that you have coming up soon?

Fly Guy DC: It’s just so much in the works that I don’t want to speak on it because I don’t want to jinx it. My brand is just going to continue to elevate, my team is going to continue to elevate. TV is coming soon, and I’m always and I mean this in the most humble way, I am always 100 steps ahead of anyone in my field or my competition.